Injuries are your teacher

yoga surrender to what is photo
Injuries and pain are never pleasant and they can have a huge effect on your daily practice and your emotions. According to the Sanskrit “tapas” that defines accepting pain as help for purification, yoga defines pain as your teacher, but not in the most obvious way. It is not enough to feel pain and push through, actually pushing through some types of pain is pure insanity. Instead pain is your teacher on a much deeper level that forces you to dig deep into the heart of yoga.

For the past few weeks i’ve been working through my own injury and it has not been a pleasant journey, until now. It has motivated me to try a new way of movement and to move internal to listen to my body. Pain is your motivation to make the changes in your technical approach to movement in order to be healthier and ultimately free from the kind of pain that will injure you. What i have had to face is my ego, as a yoga student and teacher i have grown attached to my strong practice and sometimes you need to stop and accept where you are and unroll your mat every day as a commitment to the devotional path of yoga while learning new techniques that keep your body healthy. This injury has forced me to modify my practice for a period of time on the road to better alignment. There is nothing fun about suddenly not being able to do what you could once do every day with ease and grace. It feels like a slap in the face and all sorts of nasty emotions arise. Everything including jealousy, anger, anxiety, depression and much more all arrive and try to knock you out of your yoga practice. But the only way out of the illusion of the ego is go straight through it. If you face a battle of ego when you modify your practice to be pain-free in your joints you can rest assured that you are absolutely doing the deep work of the spiritual path of yoga.

Injuries are invitations to learn and to have a look at your initial intention for your practice. Yoga demands that you have an honest relationship with yourself.