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“Create some time for yoga magic”

Yoga Teacher

Candice has been practicing yoga since 2010 and is the owner of LiveLoveYoga. She teaches Vinyasa ,Forrest-Inspired Vinyasa Flow and loves to add a little bit of play & fun in her yoga sessions. She offers private yoga classes, corporate yoga, online yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Candice started her journey through yoga as a way to discover more about life, herself and the mind and as that of others. Yoga is a lifestyle to her and has inspired her in so many aspects of her life.

She believes that we can change our state of being through the practice of yoga, which includes how we eat, breath, communicate and relate to the world. She strives to teach contentment with each movement and to hold the space in a class for students to explore their mental, emotional and physical bodies through moving joyfully and mindfully with the breath and rhythm of their individual body.

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