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Privates & Corporate yoga sessions offered by Candice Helena & LiveLoveYoga Team at your workplace or in the comfort of your home

private & specialty classes

For corporate yoga or private yoga classes at your home or workplacecontact us.
Length of class can vary and price will vary based on teacher

Private Yoga

A one-on-one Private Yoga session with one of LiveLoveYoga excellent teachers is the perfect way to take your yoga practice to the next level. Whether you are a beginner with many questions, a seasoned veteran looking to refine your practice or just someone who wants individually tailored expert advice a Private Yoga lesson is immensely helpful. Sometimes we just need a little more attention and care and a Private Yoga session offers you a means to deal with specific personal needs, questions or injuries. Lasting between 60 to 90 minutes, Private Yoga lessons are a powerful tool that allows you to see deeper insights, go deeper into your practice and relieve stress from a long day.

Private Yoga sessions can be scheduled in the privacy of your home,work place in Johannesburg North and are taught by our highly trained teachers in a friendly, simple and professional manner.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga lessons. Payment for the month paid in advance.

R550 / 60 minutes (1-6 people)

All private yoga lessons are based on availability and all prices are subject to change based on the individual teacher and group size.

Corporate Yoga

What does Google, Nike, and Apple have in common?

Yoga. On-site. For their employees.

Awesome right? We think so too.

With all the stats coming out about the rise in healthcare costs and the health risks of sitting 8 hours a day, smart businesses are bringing wellness to the workplace.

Let us show you how yoga in the workplace creates happier, healthier, and more creative employees by putting a little bit of play in your workday.

Our Proposal

We would be happy to provide one of our teachers on-site at your company for a dedicated weekly (basics to intermediate) class. This has been very successful for corporations, as it provides a good ‘de-stressor’ in the middle or end of the day and is also a bonding experience for co-workers.

On-site Classes
Classes on-site at your company are R1000 per class with the purchase of a 3 month semester. We will provide a dedicated teacher for your class and work with you to find the scheduled time of day that will suit your employees’ needs. We will also provide a one-time trial class if you would like to give your employees the opportunity to try yoga and market this weekly class to the employees.

What to expect in a general class:
We tailor classes to the needs of everyone in the class and change it up every time. Generally in a class the teacher will guide you through breathing and relaxation exercises, followed by therapeutic stretches focusing on areas that are in pain, uncomfortable or carrying tension and also offer a bit of challenging series so you can feel that you have workout. Classes end with a short relaxation or meditation to experience a blissful state.

Corporate Yoga Program options includes:
◦ Classes are offered in the morning, lunch hour or after work.
◦ Classes can be held regular, weekly or bi-weekly.
◦ Length of classes can range from 45 min to 60 min at a rate of R1000.
◦ Great for ALL ages, fitness levels and body types- All levels are welcome.
◦ Available for groups of any size.

The company must provide a warm and open space that is suitable for the Yoga class: boardrooms, large offices and rooftop decks are all popular choices.

Some benefits of yoga in a corporate environment:

– Reduces Absenteeism: Corporate Yoga revitalizes the immune system and the major organs of the body, removing waste products such as alcohol up to three times more quickly. Improved immunity means less workdays lost through colds, fatigue and other non-specific illnesses.

-Reduces back pain: The stronger, healthier backs that result from a regular yoga practice will significantly lessen the number of days missed in your company. Count them.

-Faster response time: By training you in the art of single pointedness, yoga immediately improves mental concentration and focus.

-Improve problem solving skills: Yoga harmonizes the left and right sides of the brain so logical and creative thought come together as one. Flashes of inspiration should become increasingly common.

-Ability to Stay Cool & Manage Stress Levels: is like an enclosing wall all around us. Yogic deep breathing and yoga stretches create a genuine sense of inner and outer space. Tightening deadlines, conflict and other stresses will lose their grip as you learn to breathe and stand your ground

-More Energy and Vitality: Yoga awakens hidden reserves of energy within your nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems so drowsiness and fatigue are replaced by alertness and aliveness.

Feel Happy: Yoga physiologically transforms apathy and depression by oxygenating the brain and increasing the endorphins in the blood.

Team Building: Taking yoga classes together is a way to build better communication and trust between members of a team and even have fun

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