Rest Days

Rest days are an important part of a health lifestyle. Our body and mind needs a rest day to slow down, revitalize, re-energize and repair. Not always easy to just say hold on I’m going to take some time off and do NOTHING!

If you find that you battling to wake up in the mornings, feel tired most times, feeling stressed, moods have changed and maybe your body is showing you signs then its time to listen to your body and schedule a few days of rest. Just like having a rest day from intense exercise in your weekly routine it’s just as important to have a weekly rest day from your diet and lifestyle.
Example having one day in the week of only eating raw foods or fruit and vegetables or liquid fasting so your digestion can take a break. This is a great way to repair the your body within and out.
On a rest day try to stay away from tv, cellphones, emails, conflicting conversations and bad foods rather sleep in without an alarm waking you up, eat health, take a walk in the park to get fresh air in the lungs and some sunlight, play with your pets, read a book, observe a few hours of silence on your own, go for a spa day, laze on the couch, take a long candle lit bath, meditate, journal your thoughts and feelings.

Your priority in life should be your general wellbeing. 1 day of rest a week is not that bad so don’t feel guilty about it. Listen to your body so you can prevent burnout, disease and illness.

“The most successful people are the ones with a modest amount of talent and a huge amount of discipline.”

“It’s okay to put yourself first. ‘Selfish’ isn’t a dirty word. If we were all selfish, it would mean we would take care of ourselves and be able to give back to our loved ones.” –Jillian Michaels