Why private yoga sessions are beneficial

Private yoga classes take into consideration your own personal health, fitness level,injuries, medical conditions, available time and personal goals. If you are new to yoga, then this can be a good way to introduce yourself to the asanas (poses) before taking part in a group session. Alternatively, if you are very experienced, this is an excellent way to further explore the mental and physical aspects of yoga that are important to you.

Every person is unique in their build and stamina, which is why private sessions are so very beneficial. There is no one fixed way of doing a particle pose, each body is completely different and some poses modified to you can feel way more rewarding to your body. In a private session you are given individual instructions, adjustments, and proper alignment cues.

Private session can be done one-on-one or semi-private such as with a partner, your family or group of friends. Semi-private groups can be so much fun.

I personally have grown to love teaching private students as i have seen the great progress and enjoyment of my students.